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Month: January, 2012

Teatro Alla Scala: Excelsior Balletto


The other day we went to the Teatro alla Scala to watch some ballet.

We only had that night available so we had to go and see if they had tickets for that night.
With low expectations thinking that the tickets would have already been sold out, we gave it a try anyway to go to the ticket office.
At the ticket office in Duomo station, my mom went and asked:

“do you have tickets for tonight?”
“no they are oll sold outtt” *italian accent*
“oh…” (exactly how we thought)
“but eeff you leave your name wid mee and go to la scalla at 5:30 you can get teeckets forrr 10 euro.”
“10 euro?”

So 2.5 hours before the show started we stood around the biglietteria (ticket office) at the side of the theater.
Full of people were surrounding with black or full fur coats. So milan.
It was true. We were able to get the tickets for 10 euros…!

At 7:30pm, we entered the theater and went up the long stairs to the last floor (for this it is called the teatro alla scala-stairs)
We had the seats on the last floor right above the orchestra, the stage was in sight from the most acute angle in the whole audience.
Even though the people beside us were like “these are the worst seats. let’s go”, we enjoyed it a lot.
Ok, for those of you who have time and can get tickets ahead of time, do so.
And for those of you who are there to see the actions of the show, book the tickets ahead of time.
But my mother and I went just to feel the ambient of the Scala, and we were satisfied anyway because we didn’t think  we would be getting the tickets.
And we were sitting inside the beautiful theater.

Covered in bordeaux velvet and gold decorations, the grand chandelier illuminated the whole theater while people were either looking for their seats, or just  chattering throwing Italian hand gestures at one another.
Our seats had the over view of the whole place. We were able to see even the musical players testing their sounds. Some people were sitting waiting patiently in the executive box or studying the story outline of the ballet on their ipad.

The woman beside us was complaining how the pamphlet font size used to me much bigger back in the days taking out her binoculars wondering if she can see them better… Then she told us that our seats were the best spots in the theater to hear the best sound of the orchestra.

The lights dimmed down, curtains opened, we applauded the conductor of the orchestra and then started the sound of music which harmonized everyone’s breathing.  Indeed the woman beside us was right. The sound vibration arose to us from the orchestra right into our ears.
The ballerina pranced on toes synchronized to the flow of the violins and flutes, spun around with a beautiful bodied ballerino assisting at her waist, sent energy through her fingers to thin air like how the conductor was sending signals to the musicians.

This seat might have cost nothing and you can’t see the action on stage the whole time.

But if there is anyone out there who appreciates watching the finger movements of the pianist creating the subtle small accents in the symphony, or who has curiosity watching how the ballerinas fix their costumes getting help from the fitters, or just have fun looking at the show from more of a back stage point of view, I suggest to sit where we were sitting in seats 114 and 115.






ミュージシャンが音のテスティングも、最上級のボックス席で大人しく待ってる人やipadでバレーのストーリーラインのあらすじを読んでた人々など 客上から全てがみた。





Christian Dior Haute Couture 2012


Chirstian Dior has put Bill Gaytten on throne who has been standing beside Galliano for 16 years.
They both cherished the mesmerizing craftmanship of haute couture very much – but showed this in different ways.
Galliano, you can see it in the shows, they were amazing, blinding… overfilled with the luxury and everything you can ask for in a fairy tale land.
Gaytten, he tickles you. He tickles you with the chic elegant essence and makes you want to become more of a Parisian woman filled with classy femininity.

Keeping the Dior’s classic fit and flare feminine silhouettes and literally “X-raying” the pad stitching to stabilize the material with fine light organza, Gaytten showed off the level of technique his sartorialists have.
You automatically feel so lucky to visually see the hard work of the artisans and feel the quality.
Usually the stitch padding are seen on menswear suits are to strengthen places like the lapels and the collar in the inside. In this collection they were used to strengthen cuffs and kimono collars… but they were see through.
Do you know what this means? Usually tailors do pad stitching fast yet with stability, but they don’t care how it looks because it will be hidden in the inside.
But these dresses were made of light fine organza which meant that each pad stitching was like an embroidery. It had to be all lined up and visibly presentable.


When I was in my last year in Bunka Fashion College, I remember having to stitch the lapel and the top collar filled with pad stitches.
I only had incredible patience which made me keep on going until I grasped that sense of accomplishment. No one will ever know the hard work, dedication and time put into it unless they have done it.
Imagine doing it on see through material. Ya..
Chirstian Diorではガリアーノの横で16年間アシストしていた Bill Gayttenが今デザイナーとなってる。
ゲイテンはそれと違ってくすぐる。シックでエレガンスな要素で くすぐる感触がより品なフェミニンさで溢れているパリの女性になりたがせる。

ディオールのクラッシックなフィットアンドフレアーのシルエットとX線でみるかのように中のハ刺しがしっかりと見え、オーガンジーの強度を増しているクラフトマンシップで ゲイテンはサルトリアリストの技を見せつけた。

それを外に透けてみせさすなんて とんでもないくらいの時間とでディケーションで詰まってるに違いない。

Armani Privé Haute Couture 2012

Armani Privé Haute Couture Spring Summer 2012 RunThrough


一言で言うと:フチャーネオン蛇最高級アルマーニ (?)

Chanel Haute Couture 2012



Funnel neck collars, sporty cut neck lines, cocoon shaped sleeves – all finished with luxury textiles and couture stitches.
Chanel explores and has fun with the silhouettes but always finishes all the pieces off with the haute couture touch.

ファネルネックの衿、スポーテリーなネックライン、コクーンシルエットの袖 これら全てがラグジュリアスなテキスタイルとクチュール基準の縫いで仕上げられている。

Versace Paris Haute Couture 2012


Versace is back into the Paris Haute Couture excentuating its back bone DNA of elegance and glamour with body conscious lines.
All of these dresses are Hollywood’s red carpet worthy. Cameron Diaz at the show might be thinking about her wardrobe for her movie premiers and award shows.




Baci is an Italian chocolate filled nuts. It’s simple and tasty. There is always a romantic quote inside the wrapper.

Baci のチョコはイタリアのチョコでナッツが入って本当にシンプルで美味しい。そしていつも中にちよっとしたロマンチックな詩が入ってます。

Lavin Menswear Details

Lavin is amazing. The tradition started in 1889  and it still exists and inspires us today.
He will  take a simple shirt, or a simple polo, or a simple henley shirt and turn into a fine quality piece.


Lanvin Gross Grain Collar Shirt

Simple warm tone beige coloured with exquisite gross grain ribbon collar 


Lanvin Gross Grain Collar Detail

Gross grain collar detail is Lanvin's signature since 1889


Lanvin Cuff Detail

Button attaching string shown like bird's feet show that is sewn by hand


Lanvin Gross Grain Collar Polo

Simple grey polo but pay close attention.


Lanvin Gross Grain Polo Detail

The satin gross grain collar contrasts the grey cotton and the front panel of the buttons pops out its edge


Lanvin Cotton Henley

I usually wear my boyfriends henley to sleep. But not these ones.


Lanvin Cotton Henley Silk Trimming Detail

A normal cotton henley shirt turns into a smart causal piece with the silk trimming


So, taking a close look at these detail pictures, has anyone wondered why the button holes are sometimes vertical and other times horizontal?

There is a reason.

The vertical button holes hold its position very tight. But the horizontal button holes allows it to move a bit making the buttoned up part looser and able to move.
Places in your body you want it to be a little loose like the neck area (the first button hole at the collar), wrist (the cuffs) and stomach (last button hole from the bottom at the front), the button holes are horizontal. Where you don’t want it to open even a bit like your chest area (button holes in front) and fore arm (slit opening to your cuffs), the button holes are vertical.

Paying attention to small details is an important part of a designer’s job, thinking about how comfortable you would want your clients to wear your clothes.





Go shopping!


MFW: ZZegna

My favorite outfit of Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week has to be this Z Zegna’s outfit.

Flanel grey and warm light grey pants is already very contrasting for Zegna. But adding sleeve planel of turquoise with the twilight grey blue buttons… matched with deep violet and dark violet blue… is just WOW. Then with the enamel turquoise shoes just adds the accent! The right amount of accent.
Cannot wait till I see this on the streets and window displays.

zegna turquoise

My colour pick from Milan Men's Fashion Week: Zegna's Deep Deep Turquoise

Weaving through the fashion city of Milan through the people rushing to the next fashion shows, we saw a lot of colours more than the usual fashion week which is usually dyed in black.

Italy has its own colours that no other place can express.

I choose Z Zegna’s Deep Deep Turquoise for the trend colour of Autumn Winter 2012-2013.

This outfit of trench completely covered in this colour is just stunning. You see the quality how the Italian’s do.

To be and to do

I do this. But that doesn’t mean I am that.
You choose to do. You choose to be.

Something that is so close but so different.
To do. And to be.