Victoria Beckham Over-sized duffle bag

by vatienne

Love oversized duffle bag by Victoria Beckham. This would be a great travelling bag who shoves all books, clothes, make up, accessories, shoes all in one bag.

The shape of the bag can be changed since there is a buckle at the bottom of this soft leather bag which can be hooked on to the D rings on the sides. Having the double D-Rings allow you to attach the shoulder belt.
The  metallic pieces such as the buckles, spring clips and the zips are minimalistic and simply done with a cute simple logo. This adds the touch of good quality.

If you want something with quality you just have look at the material and the details. Touch the fabric, does it give you a sensation that rushes through the nerves of your finger tips? Pay attention to the not-so-obvious details, does it give you a surprise and a smile?

This bag is absolutely recommended for anyone who is always on the go, rushing the taxi driver to go to the airport then entering the gate with haste-less style then changing from heels to your flats on board. But one tip: Make sure all liquid products do not exceed more than 100 mL in this hand luggage.



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