Lavin Menswear Details

by vatienne

Lavin is amazing. The tradition started in 1889  and it still exists and inspires us today.
He will  take a simple shirt, or a simple polo, or a simple henley shirt and turn into a fine quality piece.


Lanvin Gross Grain Collar Shirt

Simple warm tone beige coloured with exquisite gross grain ribbon collar 


Lanvin Gross Grain Collar Detail

Gross grain collar detail is Lanvin's signature since 1889


Lanvin Cuff Detail

Button attaching string shown like bird's feet show that is sewn by hand


Lanvin Gross Grain Collar Polo

Simple grey polo but pay close attention.


Lanvin Gross Grain Polo Detail

The satin gross grain collar contrasts the grey cotton and the front panel of the buttons pops out its edge


Lanvin Cotton Henley

I usually wear my boyfriends henley to sleep. But not these ones.


Lanvin Cotton Henley Silk Trimming Detail

A normal cotton henley shirt turns into a smart causal piece with the silk trimming


So, taking a close look at these detail pictures, has anyone wondered why the button holes are sometimes vertical and other times horizontal?

There is a reason.

The vertical button holes hold its position very tight. But the horizontal button holes allows it to move a bit making the buttoned up part looser and able to move.
Places in your body you want it to be a little loose like the neck area (the first button hole at the collar), wrist (the cuffs) and stomach (last button hole from the bottom at the front), the button holes are horizontal. Where you don’t want it to open even a bit like your chest area (button holes in front) and fore arm (slit opening to your cuffs), the button holes are vertical.

Paying attention to small details is an important part of a designer’s job, thinking about how comfortable you would want your clients to wear your clothes.





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