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Month: February, 2012

Prada Fall Winter 2012 2013


Gucci Fall Winter 2012 2013

Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2012 2013


James Cameron Inspiration


Please watch this video for those of you who believe that dreams during our sleep is our prevision of our reality, they are the clues on what you should do in reality, and our “realities” are often times just an illusion. What we see in our real life are often shown with the disturbance from the outside world.

Today my grandpa was in my dream. I didn’t remember what he was doing but I remembered that he was trying to tell me something. So I called my grandpa expecting a scarce voice over the phone. (he is going through therapy for his cancer which give him constant. endless. tremendous amount of pain.)

But I was wrong. He had changed his medicine and it had a positive sign that he didn’t feel pain anymore. Maybe he is not 100% fine, but still he sounded so cheerful on the phone that I could hear my grandma being cheerful and it made me feel cheerful.  Dream is the subconscious mind speaking to you. And what you have in your subconscious mind are the previews.

If you haven’t, watch it now and he will tell you.


Proenza Schouler Fall 2012 2013


The skinny body conscious silhouette is over people! Get out your boyfriend’s leather jackets and your father’s tailored pants (the key: WELL TAILORED maybe double pleated pants) And get some shoes with WIDE HEELS.
These guys had made it official! Time for a new era for new silhouette! EXCITEMENT.
I was literally jumping up and down in my seat when I saw this collection.

このコレクション見たときに本当にいすの上で飛びはんてた! たのしみ!!!

Dolce and Gabbana’s last D&G Show

This is the last campaign from the Dolce & Gabbana’s sister line D&G.
Luckily I had the chance to go to the D&G menswear SS 2012 fashion show. Yes. Watched it from the top floor!
The finale of half naked men was… pleasing. I would put the video up but there is too much screaming of us girls that I have decided not to publish it… don’t wanna embarass  ourselves.
But the stair case to the top floor.. my o my… the campaigns from the past with like Gisele Bundchen, Madonna, etc etc. It was so remeniscing.  The models (very friendly) after the show were walking out of the building on their way towards lunch at Panino Giusto.. We unfortunately had to go back to work.

これがDolce and Gabbana のシスターラインD&Gの最後のキャンペ—ン。
多くのフェーク品のせいでなくなるのはすごく残念だけど Dolce and Gabbanaで倍に力が入るって考えると楽しみ。
すごくラッキーなことに D&G メンズウェア春夏 2012のショーに行けたんです!そう、上の階から!
けど上の階に行くの階段路が過去のジェゼルとかマドンナのキャンペーンで包まれていてすごく懐かしい気持ちになりました。 ショー後のモデル(すごくフレンドリー)はパニーノジューストに向かっていました。残念ながら私達は仕事に戻りました〜…

Rodarte Fall Winter 2012/2013

Ok. The collection was nice. But I must admit overall looks, silouettes were not something that made me go crazy and to die for.
But the SHOESSSS… Now those things I would die for.
Also the details on the garment and the styling how the put together the belt buckle on the side with the tucked in part centered was something very simple but with a little twist, which we all can try out in our every day life.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Theysken’s Theory Fall Winter 2012 2013

I have been in love with Theysken since Nina Ricci days. Theysken’s Theory allowed him to come out of his shell, you can see it in the girls, the texture, the flow of the fabric… This is a brand I would really love to work in if I could…! Nina Ricci の時からずっと好きだった。Theysken’s Theory ですごく卵の殻から突き出したという感じがモデル達、テキスタイル、布の揺れ感から感じられる。このブランドはすごくお気に入り。デザイナーとして働けるのなら今すぐにでも働くわぁ!