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Month: May, 2012

Maison Moschino Wonderland Aperitif

Every Tuesday at the design hotel of Maison Moschino, they have an aperitivo (happy hour where you get drinks and food) outside in the open garden calling it the event Wonderland Aperitif. The name fits perfectly to the ambient having the chic white fairy tale house with green windows covers and don’t forget the green green grass. It has an imaginary sound barrier (thanks to the dj) from the busy intersection of Viale Monte Grappa and Via Gioia located right in the center of Milan.
Entering the staircase and seeing the apples lying around, you start to feel that you are stepping inside a fairy tale book, but wait till you go inside to the lobby. You see lamps of curvaceous bodices dimly lightening up the pure white lobby with some sheep patiently watching you to check in.
I haven’t seen inside the rooms but you can see some of the pictures that each room has its own theme giving you a taste of the fantasy world of Alice in the Wonderland. Chandeliers of dolci, which you look up to and it’s literally shining on you.. Beds made of ‘abito da sera’, evening dress that will snuggle you into your sweet dreams.. Pedals of roses that makes you wanna jump into it right when you enter the room.. Tea cup table in Alice’s Room which makes you wanna have tea in a tea cup on a tea cup..!

I highly suggest people to take a peek here at Maison Moschino for a calm relaxing Tuesday night, if you are in Milan. (and you need an excuse to go out and enjoy the sunshine!)
For Milanese, don’t expect this place is a typical type of aperitivo in Milan where you can stuff yourself with gross salty food! The food is very proportionate, tasty, and HEALTHY.
If you are a type who shoves their face with food at aperitifs, I suggest you to get a bite at home or go out later for dinner since Corso Como and Largo la Foppa is close by.


Chanel Resort 2013 Full Show

Pastel colours mixed with edgy hairstyles and crisp fortè eyebrows accented with a beauty mark of the double C.



And Cara Delevigne (little sister of Poppy Delevigne) is chosen for the ‘it’ girl for Chanel this time. She was the ‘it’ girl for Burberry and now Chanel! Good for her!

そして カーラ デレヴィーニュ(ポーピ デレヴィーニュの妹)がチャネルリゾートのイットガールに選ばれました!バーバリーでも大活躍な英モデル!これからの活躍も楽しみです。



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