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Month: June, 2012

Dolce and Gabbana AW 2012 2013 Campaign

Happy Sicilian Family!



Random photos I took with my iPhone during our trip to Iseo!





























Lily Donaldson

Pale Queen Lily Donaldson

Prada Fall Winter 2012 2013 Campaign





For collection details, check out here. 

Making of Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012 2013 Campaign

I know, I have been uploading about Louis Vuitton too much lately…
It’s not because I am an LV fan…! (I do not own anyyyything from LV!) But I am a Marc Jacobs fan : ) (Yes, I do own a (supposedly a very limited edition) Marc for my under arm)













Choo Choooo

Louis Vuitton collaborates with Yayoi Kusama

Polka Dot Dance Louis Vuitton X Yoyoi Kusama

CFDA 2012

Happy 50th Anniversary CFDA.
This was like a week ago and I just saw the video of CFDA 2012 on
It is really wonderful how America organizes a big event like this for supporting designers – both fresh new upcoming talents and the ones that were in the business for decades.


I must highlight the my favorite part of the show which would be the acceptance speech of John Waters on behalf of Rei Kubokawa for the International Award. He accepted the award saying that she is absent for being locked up in a “deconstructed cell like the St. Theresa of fashion, massacring hemlines for next season’s no dimensional outfits that would be mocked, brilliantly reviewed and worn by the brave.”

さて、私が一番気に入ったところを紹介したいと思います。それは川久保 玲さんが受賞したインターナショナルアワードをジョン ウォータースさんが代わりに受け取ったスピーチです。彼は彼女がこのショーを受け取りに来れない理由は「多分ファッションのマザーテレサのように廃墟された部屋の中で次シーズンの無次元の作品のへムラインを決めてるのでしょう―マネされて、最高に批評されて、勇気のある者にしかきれない作品を。」

John Waters described himself wearing Comme des Garcons is the same way “how Andy Warhol once wore a 100 thousand dollar women’s necklaces underneath his Brooks Brothers turtle neck – to be fashionable in secret.”
He continues with his humour but yet so true statements such as “Only you know you’ve spent money when you wear Rei’s creations… Rei Kawakubo gives us undercover glamour. We know how great her clothes look but others just think we are poor.” Hahaha this man is great. He sure got the crowd and I laughing for a bit.

ジョン ウォータースは自分がコム デ ギャルソンを着る時は「アンディーウォーホルが一回一千万ドルもする女性用のネックレスをブルックスブラザーズのタートルネックの下につけ、隠れたオシャレをする」ような気分になると例えました。
彼のユーモア使った言葉は全て面白くけど全て事実で「玲のクリエーションを着る時は自分にしかお金を使ったとしか感じない…玲 川久保は内密の魅力をくれる。 自分では彼女の服を着て最高に思うが他には貧乏だって思われる。」 笑。観客はこのジョークに爆笑。

Why is it that people are addicted to Rei Kawakubo’s creations and still wear them when she puts words on the instruction labels sometimes saying: “Do not dry clean. Do not wash. Garment may fray, fade, change shape.” Or Mr. Waters described his pants that he wore that night “100% polyester. Wrinkled. Unable to be pressed. So comfortable. So expensive. Friction may cause the flocks to rub off or slight fuzz may develop.  …Friction? What does that mean? …Walking??”


It’s true. Some of her creations are let’s say so fashion victimized – not allowing you to be able to raise your hand over your elbows… But it gives the fans “couragious, colt-like, superior and even slightly insane” feel when you put your arms through the sleeves.


Also Mr Waters lastly mentioned how Rei is so ahead of time with her style that sometimes she is “ruining a trend that’s not even popular yet! But it is about to be so!” concluding his speech describing that “she makes pretty ugly, ugly handsome, handsome disorienting”.

Watch the part of the video of CFDA 2012 from 37:17!




Also I would like to congratulate Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for being the youngest winners of Womenswear Award in CFDA history. What differentiates them so much from the rest of the young  designers  (like at their age 25) is that they do not target the young age group like how young designers would usually do. They usually make their collection with high high heels with legs showing garments that are obviously so impossible for a woman above 40s to wear. But the older ones are the ones that usually have money…! The Olsens narrow down their business target to an age group from 40 and on (the ones usually with big money in cities). Their collections usually consist with easy silouhettes and overall minimalistic looks but up close, you can tell that they put a lot of effort into the details. The models often wear low old lady shoes and use top top quality furs, leather, cashmere basing their production in New York and some items in Italy. The price range is SO HIGH they sure did a great job taking the label name THE ROW from Savile Row defining themselves well that they are luxury.

そしてアシュリーとメアリーケイトオルセン姉妹がウメンズデザイナー賞を受賞!おめでとう!この賞を受賞したのはCFDA最年少! 彼女達がすることは他のヤングデザイナー(25歳という若さ)とは違い激ハイヒールで足を見せつけ、40歳以上の女性には絶対無理な服を作らず、マーケットのターゲットを40歳以上の女性(つまりお金を持っている年代)に目掛けている。コレクションはイージーなシルエットでミニマリズムを強調したルックス、けど真近で見るとディテールにこっている。そしてまた最高級なファー、レザー、カシミアをニューヨークまたはイタリアで生産している。とにかく最高級で高い。ラグジュリーを訴える、サビルローから名前を取って THE ROW と名付けたのは正解だったね。

Givenchy Resort 2013



I just loved the Givenchy looks for Resort 2013. Please focus on the details!! More to come.

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