Chanel – Making of Haute Couture

by vatienne

When they flipped the embroidery cloth over at 3:50. My jaw dropped.
I’ve thought they would have special machines to do all that sequin sewing but no, it is dont ONE BY ONE. They use a technique called tambour beading where they fix the cloth on a frame tightly and use a pen-like needle with a tinsy tiny hook at the end and pretty much chain stitch the beads along the line.
I actually have never seen this technique before. It is commonly used in French Haute Couture since it is much faster than using thread and needle sewing the beads and the sequins.
I learned about this technique thanks this youtube video. Here they explain and show you precisely how it works:

I want that needle too! And train myself to become super fast at it! and do some things like this:

EEK! If you look at some of these up real close, it is coverrred in sequins…! Does anyone know if they really really use the tambour beading technique for all of this? Like no machines exist to make the process faster…?
Thinking how much time the artisans spend on one couture piece… Must take hours… days… weeks… months??  It gives me chills down the spine…

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