Chanel – The Little Black Jacket

by vatienne

I am obsessed when it comes to watching videos inside the atelier!
This is a great video of Chanel’s process of making The Little Black Jacket.
Also there is going to be a great exhibition going on in New York the day after tomorrow!
They have done the exhibition in Tokyo with great success. (All the maisons do great events when I’m not there..! grr!)

Check out the photos of models and celebrities wearing The Little Black Jacket styled differently, takenby Karl Largerfield himself. He even uses an iPad to take some of these photos…!

Inside the Atelier

Watch the photography set of Karl

Exhibition in Tokyo

Now please check out the portraits done by Karl.
Everyone has The Little Black Jacket, yet every portrait has so much character, expression and indeed they clearly state that THE classic item is timeless and for everyone.

I have spent hours surfing through google to get every picture (with their names) possible. If I am missing any, please! send!!
For now ENJOY!

To get their names put the your mouse over the photo!

My favorite would go to: Anna Wintour. She is the only one without her face showing (except Haider Ackermann but I didn’t notice it was him) but you KNOW it’s her and her bob hair cut symbolizes her presence. I bet nobody in the casting of this photo shoot can do the same like how she does. (Hm. Maybe Karl himself could beat her though)
I also love the sequence of Yoko Ono portrait. Imagine if her husband was still alive, how they would be the most powerful couple changing the world with their unique characteristics.

I must stress out how important it is for luxury maisons to do marketing like this.
We are filled with too much stuff that are disposable making our lives cheaper.
Think about it in the long run, having a classic item can allow you to style many different ways (it’s not only just a Little Black Jacket, but ofcourse there are little black dress, trench coat, white collar shirt, leather jacket, blazer, tailored trousers, black pumps etc.) annnnnd you can use it forever because it would never go out of style, as long as if it is good quality.
So it is okay to spend a little bit more money occasionally to buy that classic item. It will last a long time and maybe you can pass it on to your children! I have my mom’s vintage pieces from when she was in her 20’s and I wear them now in mine!
We must enrich our lives with GOOD QUALITY!